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[普天間問題] 米国は怒っているわけではなくて日本政府を理解できないだけ

<QUESTION: On the Okinawa issue with Japan. Has the U.S. set a deadline for Japan for the end of this week to come up with a decision on the Futenma issue?

MR. KELLY: I’m not aware that we’ve set any kind of hard and fast deadline. I think you know that we remain open to engaging the Government of Japan, of helping support their own policy review. We believe that the realignment roadmap that we’ve already agreed to is the best plan for reducing the burden on the people of Okinawa while maintaining our very important security relationship with Japan.

QUESTION: Can you go over what Kurt Campbell discussed with the U.S. – or the Japanese Diet member that was visiting on Friday?

MR. KELLY: I understand that he did meet with a Japanese Diet member. And – but I don’t know the actual substance of their exchanges. And I’m not sure that we would share that anyway, except to reiterate that we remain open to this dialogue.

QUESTION: Does the U.S. want to move the Marines off of Okinawa to the Japanese mainland?

MR. KELLY: I think what we want to do is we believe the best plan out there is this realignment roadmap, so we look forward to talking to the Japanese Government about how best to implement that.>


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